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Places out of the ordinary!

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Houses,gardens,parks...places out of the ordinary
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awesome places
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1. Every post has to include at least one picture.
2. If you post more than 2 pics, please put the rest under an LJ-cut. Don't know how? Then click here :)
3. We want AWESOME places! Something special!
4. Please list the location of the place in the subject line if you know where it is.
5. Avoid posting pictures of yourself if possible.
6. Nature and beautiful landscapes are nice but please not in this community. Places here are more things that people have created. For naturelovers I suggest naturesbeauty
7. Castles are cool, but don't post every single ruin please. For castleholics I suggest all_castles. It's a great castle community!
8. Please be careful with posting abandoned places. If they have awesome architecture in them they are welcome here but otherwise they might fit better in the community abandonedplaces
9. Be nice :D

Your mod,
Jinx in the Sky

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